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See how our automated recovery process works, from setup to satisfied customer.

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Get up and running in a matter of days (not weeks!) with a 100% white labeled software, which easily integrates with your current process. Upload your portfolio inventory on demand. Or automate it. Whatever works for you.

Easy to use, intuitive tools are at your fingertips, along with our team of specialists who help guide you thought the implementation process.

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It’s about understanding your customer’s situation, and with kind persistence, keep your delinquent customers in good standing. This may mean a lot more than one or two reminders.

Remitter AI uses behavioral heuristics to automate each customers unique experience with branded messaging, payment plan options and more. Automate short or long term campaigns optimized for the highest engagement possible using hundreds of data points.

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Cash Flow

Enjoy real time, gross remittance from Remitter. 100% of the money collected is deposited directly into your account.

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Each customer session generates hundreds of data points. We use this data to fine tune their experiences, but also to train the AI.

Remitter’s system learns with each new customer interaction, why shouldn’t you? No matter which reporting option you prefer, from out-of-the-box to custom reports, every data point captured can be used for future decision-making.

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