Intelligent Recovery System

Streamline your recovery process with Remitter's cutting-edge digital platform, enhanced by artificial intelligence.


Your Receivables,
Your Brand

Enhance your customer’s experience and increases your recovery success, with a white-labeled software that easily integrates with your current processes.

Technology that works for you

Stay one step ahead leveraging Remitter’s data driven AI to predict and react in real time to each individual customer’s payment needs.

Remitter’s proprietary intelligence drives actionable insights, and automatically interacts with your customers using branded messaging and interfaces, personalizing your customers experience and streamlining your receivables process.


Improve your recoveries by up to 280%


Increase your payer rate up to 200%

Turning Goals
into Reality

Current recovery processes can be stressful, use outdated systems, and are often ignored by customers. Remitter takes the stress out of recoveries with a personalized experience that uses artificial intelligence to create an experience that resonates with each individual customer.

Our Audience

Remitter’s platform can be used across a varied number of industries.

Client Feedback

The Remitter platform proved a great success within the first two weeks of going live. With the substantial uplift in recovery, we decided to place an additional line of business in the platform. The turnaround time for go-live was less than two business days and within the first 10 days our recovery rate increased significantly. These are some impressive results and we plan to integrate with the Remitter platform to its full capabilities and are excited to watch these numbers grow.


Benefits of Remitter Case Study

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