AI Communications & Collections Platform to increase recoveries
Streamline communications & payments in
your collections process with our cutting-
edge digital platform, enhanced by artificial
AI Communications & Collections Platform to increase recoveries
Streamline communications & payments in your collections process with our cutting-edge digital platform, enhanced by artificial intelligence.

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The Future of Collections is Here

Remitter’s data-driven AI predicts and reacts in real-time. 
No individual customer’s journey is the same. The system drives action by giving each user a unique experience and empowers them to self-serve payments.

Drive Better Collection Results

Remitter’s mobile-first technology improves cure rates by personalizing the customer experience. Dynamic messaging through preferred channels of communications (SMS and Email) drives consumers to self-serve payments with customizable options and parameters set by you.

Reduce Compliance Risk

All data is encrypted and secure. Payment information is tokenized at the gateway level. Coded guardrails and pre-approved messages ensure compliance with the TCPA and HIPAA. Schedule a call to learn how Remitter can help with Reg-F.

Scale Up Without Adding FTE

Remitter’s platform enables you to create automated treatment strategies for each delinquency bucket using Remitter’s “playbooks,” allowing our clients to serve more customers, more efficiently.

Promote a Superior Customer Experience

Remitter protects your brand reputation by personalizing and optimizing engagement so each customer has a unique experience with the ability to self-serve on the dynamic payment portal. Pre-approved templates ensure consistent messaging.

Enhancing your Collections Strategy with Digital

Remitter is designed to help with your current strategy by enhancing your digital approach to debt collection. Remitter does this by improving the quality of your customer engagement with an AI-enhanced, personalized journey that puts your customers in the driver’s seat.

Industries we serve

Remitter’s platform can be used across a varied field of
consumer-facing businesses.





Health Care

Financial Services


Client Feedback

Pete Ostberg, Chief Operating Officer
We have been extremely pleased with the entire Remitter experience. From initial consult through on-going service, the Remitter Team has been a pleasure to work with. To a person, they are all professional, polite, knowledgeable, and timely. Our implementation was completed ahead of schedule and executed flawlessly. The Remitter system exceeded our previous metrics by such a wide margin that we were able to drive internal efficiencies and move our entire book of business onto Remitter. Each month we are excited when we see the material impact Remitter has made and look forward to continued success with the Remitter system and Team.
Todd, President
The Remitter platform proved a great success within the first two weeks of going live. With the substantial uplift in recovery, we decided to place an additional line of business in the platform. The turnaround time for go-live was less than two business days and within the first 10 days our recovery rate increased significantly. These are some impressive results and we plan to integrate with the Remitter platform to its full capabilities and are excited to watch these numbers grow.
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