[October 2020, Phoenix, Arizona] Remitter USA Inc., an AI-powered, digital communications  and collections platform used to optimize customer engagement and improve collections, is pleased to announce its official partnership with the VISA Ready Fintech Enablement Certification Program. 

The Visa Ready program enables partners to accelerate their growth by providing certification guidelines and access to Visa products and go-to-market expertise. The program will allow Remitter to differentiate its solution, establish trust with potential clients and expand its business with the Visa Ready seal of approval.

Remitter will also be able to leverage more partnership opportunities by ensuring its solution meets Visa standards and global payments regulations.

“Visa Ready certification is a significant tick of approval that Remitter’s solution meets Visa’s global standards around security and functionality. Remitter will be featured in Visa’s partner directory, giving us much more visibility, and allowing VISA Ready customers access to the full suite of Remitter solutions,” says Dave Snow, EVP of Sales at Remitter.  

Late payments are a perennial problem for businesses, causing cash flow issues that result in some companies being forced to shut down. According to research, inefficient internal processes and a lack of automation are the most common causes of late payments. When it comes to individuals, 35% of Americans report simply “forgetting” to make a payment. Since COVID, businesses and individuals are taking even longer to pay bills. 

Remitter’s mobile-first technology is proven to significantly increase the success rate of collections, shorten time-to-payment, reduce the cost of collections and improve the overall consumer experience.

Deployed in multiple global markets, Remitter intelligently adapts to consumers, optimizing messaging, timing, channel preference and language. The fully automated solution enables debtors to self-serve on the first party platform with terms that work for them and the creditor. Remitter’s platform is designed to seamlessly integrate into its client’s existing tech stack, allowing clients to get take advantage of the platform quickly and easily. 

Visa Partner site: https://partner.visa.com/site/partner-directory/remitter.html

About VISA Ready

The Visa Ready certification program helps technology companies build and launch payment solutions that meet Visa’s global standards around security and functionality. Visa Ready enables partners to accelerate their growth by providing certification guidelines and access to Visa product and go-to-market expertise. 

About Remitter USA Inc.

Remitter is a white labelled, digital communications and collections platform that leverages AI to optimize customer engagement and increase payer rates. The platform can be used for payment reminders, delinquent accounts and/or post charge-off accounts. The platform enables lenders to improve collections results, improve the customer experience, reduce exposure to compliance risk and scale without adding FTE. 

Media contacts

For more information please contact: Press@remitter.com

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