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Stephen Borg

Chairman of the Board

As Chairman of Remitter’s Board of Directors, Stephen brings over two decades of experience in the technology and retail industries. He has held leadership positions in several leading organizations such as Fujitsu, Harvey Norman and Coles Myer. At Fujitsu, Stephen held leadership positions in point of sale and retail solutions as well as in digital solutions as Business Development and Innovation Manager.

At AOPEN, a global electronics manufacturer and a key white-label partner behind many of the world’s best-known multinational companies, Stephen served as Global Chief Digital Officer & CEO Asia Pacific. With meldCX, a company focused on democratizing IOT, AI and machine learning, Stephen served as Executive Director and Co-Founder.

Stephen is a graduate of the prestigious Monash University, where he holds a degree in Business and Marketing / Management. He also holds a graduate degree in International Business from RMIT University. He is a SME Guest Lecturer for The Australian Centre for Retail Studies (ACRS), a research center based within the Department of Marketing in the Faculty of Business and Economics at Monash University.

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