The Solution is Seamless

Remitter offers two solutions that leverage the power of our proprietary AI engine to automate and boost your collection strategy and enhance the customer experience with mobile-first digital technology.


Utilizing our sister company, Mercantile Adjustment Bureau, this solution includes the same all-digital, mobile-first features of Remitter Cure, but is specifically designed for third-party post charge-off collections to work the accounts in compliance with FDCPA, Reg-F, and TCPA regulations as a third-party collection agency.

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Digital Collections

Employing Remitter’s SMS and Email messaging systems in the third-party collections space, Mercantile Adjustment Bureau offers a full suite of collections services while focusing on an all-digital approach to collections.

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Call-Center Support

Mercantile utilizes a call center and seasoned debt collection professionals to make and receive calls with consumers directly.

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With decades of experience in third-party debt collection and licensed in all fifty states, Mercantile provides you with all the necessary federal compliance as well as state-specific notification and language requirements to ensure your accounts are collected in the manner required by law.

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Founded in 1934, Mercantile works with you to optimize recovery performance while respecting the consumer, adhering to state and federal regulations, and protecting your brand. This unique balance of performance and compliance provides opportunities for you to enhance cash flow through optimized recovery performance using a consulting approach.

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