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See how our automated recovery process works, from setup to satisfied customer.

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Use our vast SMS and Email content library, tweak it to your liking, or create your own custom content.

Email and SMS messages are sent according to optimal timing and messaging channel, and our web app translates automatically into your customer’s preferred language. These details meet consumers on their terms, and are proven to increase success.

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In only a few clicks, customers can pay, set up a payment plan, or request a call back without extra steps like creating profiles or remembering log-in info.

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in 10 Seconds

Customers can fully pay their invoice with a few flicks of the thumb. Payment details can autofill according to individual phone preferences, and Remitter takes care of the payment transaction delivering funds straight to your payment gateway in real time.

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in Action

Giving customers a simpler way to communicate and make payments has proven to improve collection rates up to 280% and payer rate to over 200%, all while driving efficiencies into your existing strategies.

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