We cover creditor and first-party recovery; anything from 1 day past due (pre and post charge-off) until passed onto a 3rd party servicer.

A communication is sent to the consumer via text or email with a link to the portal. Once they click through to the portal, the consumer has three options.

1) They are able to pay their bill now with two simple clicks.

2) They can create a payment plan with the start date of their choosing.

3) They can request a call back to speak to a representative at a time which suits them.

Once the payment has been made, it will be directly deposited into your account. We integrate with your payment gateway so that the money never touches our account. It goes directly from your customer to you.

We provide a mobile first communication platform which allows businesses to better communicate with their customers and recover their receivables. The platform consists of a consumer facing portal where data is collected and used to optimize both consumer experience and creditor insights. These insights and a number of creditor tools reside on the other side of the portal in the Admin Dashboards. This dashboard is built for ease of use, with robust capabilities and complete control at your fingertips.

We also offer extensive white-glove implementation, sample templates and best practices, insights, and operational, technical and business support. We are here to ensure your success and excess satisfaction in white-labeling your unique Remitter experience.

Yes, we now offer third party collections though our sister company Mercantile Adjustment Bureau.

We send out a text or email in the on-boarding stages to all customers advising them that there will be a new payment process implemented. At the start they may see our message, but then head to their preferred access point. Any payments collected outside the Remitter platform are yours in whole–we call this added benefit the “halo effect!”

Our platform intelligence will craft the optimum message to be sent on the optimum day and time, via the highest performing channel (SMS or email). The message will auto-translate into the user’s mobile phone default language. Our platform will then optimize to ensure the customer is presented with payment options that are most likely to ensure payment (pay now, payment plan, optimum time period of payment plans). Lastly, the platform will apply natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to ensure the tone and sentiment in the message is the most optimal to encourage engagement without negatively impacting customer satisfaction or NPS.

Yes. We are compliant and PCI DSS Level 1 certified. Data security, and protecting your customers, is as important to us as it is to you.

Yes, we do have an ability to add a verification layer. If customer verification is important to you, we can easily add a verification code requirement before the user is able to enter the portal.

Yes, our white-labeled software allows you to have your brand displayed to your customer on all touch points. Once entering the portal your brand logo and colors will be shown so that the costumer knows it is from you. Your customer will never see Remitter branding at any step.

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