The Ex-GE Podcast: A Conversation with Larry Chiavaro

This episode covers a special crossover with The Ex-GE Podcast, a show where Joel and Tom Wolf interview GE alums from the Jack Welch Era about what made GE a special place to work, learn and grow. In this episode, they interview Larry Chiavaro, current CEO of Remitter, to talk about GE ‘s focus on rewarding greatness, the importance of personal branding and a great story of Larry impressing Jack during a presentation. You can meet Joel in person at the National Automotive Finance Association’s 25th Annual Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference this August 30 – September 1, 2021 in Plano, Texas. Register today! ConsumerFi is presented by Nortridge Software: Loan Software That Accelerates Change. And special thanks to The National Automotive Finance Association: The only trade association exclusively serving the nonprime auto finance industry.