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Remitter stands proudly in solidarity with our families, friends, our partners, and our clients, in the crucial fight for unity and acceptance.

We have a diverse team from backgrounds that have suffered prejudice, we believe this very diversity creates an environment of views, knowledge and sentiment that makes us the success we are today. It helps us contribute to society and create a greater purpose, a unified community.

Everyone deserves the chance to hope, dream, succeed and breathe…

As events continue to unfold, we are also reminded that in order to unite – learning and the right to peacefully speaking up against inequality is a necessity.

We believe that technology does not discriminate and is rather enabler for peaceful, sustained effective action.

We stand for community. We stand for the right for peaceful means of protest, We stand for unity. We stand for acceptance.

Together we can grow, do better and be better.  We need to all do more to create a society for our future generations where racism is not welcome.

We are ready and committed to make this work.

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