Ecosystem Showcase

Solving the last mile in consumer payments

Three fintech pioneers (Remitter, Alchemy and Loan Payment Pro) discuss the latest technology updates and the power of FinTech ecosystem integrated solutions.

About Remitter

Remitter USA Inc. is white-labeled digital communications platform that optimizes your communication and engagement in generating payments from your customers. The system sends personalized mobile communications (SMS or Email) from you as the sender, exclusively with your organization’s branding. Remitter is powered by Artificial Intelligence to discern how your customers want to be communicated with, what type of messaging triggers them to respond positively, the proper time of the day, week or month that will elicit early-stage first-party payments or later-stage, third-party recovery as well as general propensity to pay.

About Alchemy

Alchemy offers a full range of lending as a service offering. Starting with our end-to-end white labelled lending platform. It is designed to launch your lending product quickly and effectively.

Our lending solution is also purpose-built for specialty financing FinTech clients in areas of mechanics financing, construction loans, and student lending. With Alchemy A.I., we have a team of data scientists that build state of the art Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligent algorithms that have demonstrated effectiveness in a variety of lending verticals.

About Loan Payment Pro

LoanPaymentPro is a Merchant Services and Payment Processor servicing the Consumer Lending space. LoanPaymentPro was developed by experienced lenders for lenders, utilizing proprietary technology to develop the most compliant and cost-effective Bankcard, ACH, and Instant Funding platform for ALL types of lenders, including PayDay, Installment, Tribal, Auto-Title, Lease/Rent-to-own, B2B, Early Wage Access, and many more. LoanPaymentPro provides payment Validation and Verification which decreases fraud and increases successful payments while reducing borrower defaults. LoanPaymentPro also offers Real-time Push-to-Card funding for loan disbursement or direct funding to borrowers. The LoanPaymentPro payment gateway is fully integrated into the leading Loan Management Software providers and can be easily integrated via our API directly into your platform of choice.