Our Mission

Our mission is to create a new standard of collections by providing AI-powered technology solutions that empower consumers to regain financial freedom.

Who We Are

Remitter is a white-labeled digital communication platform powered by AI that helps lenders to maximize revenue by optimizing customer engagement and improving collection rates. Our service suite offers code-driven compliance while protecting brand reputation and providing a mechanism to scale up without adding FTE. Our technology intelligently adapts to consumers by optimizing messaging, channel preference, and language. The fully automated, mobile-first solution empowers consumers to self-serve with AI-enabled responsiveness creating more favorable customer experiences by embracing consumers on their terms.

Where we came from

The company originated in Australia in 2017. After two successful years, the technology was launched in the United States as Remitter USA, Inc. More recently, Remitter has begun operations in Canada and is expanding rapidly throughout the Americas. The organization has plans to continue expanding globally.

Our Values


We deliver excellence by never standing still and always refining our digital solutions and industry expertise.


We say as we do and we do as we say. We pride ourselves on delivering the results we promise by providing our customers with fully customized solutions.


We lead the receivables industry by delivering innovative, customized, and fully automated digital communications and transactions driven by AI with a focus on mobility and the customer experience.


The path to innovation begins with curiosity. We encourage purposeful creativity and risk-taking to develop pioneering technologies, ideas, and new ways of thinking for the future of digital collections.


We are committed to enabling a supportive work environment and creating customer solution tools which do not discriminate regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, or race.


Together we are stronger. We deliver more success to our clients with our strategic partnerships to give our clients the best possible results.

Our Trusted Partners

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