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Our Mission

At Remitter we are committed to and value connection and creation. Our mission is to reinvent the future of collections with a digital solution that connects our clients and their customers, empowering consumers to take action and control their financial future. With the end user in mind, we are committed to creating an environment where customers are in control, allowing them to communicate on their own terms and with more digital channels available.

Our company culture encourages respect, authenticity, and individuality. We invest in individual mastery, growth, and innovation. This is apparent in our people, culture, and ultimately our shared company vision.

Who we are

Remitter is white-labeled digital communications platform that optimizes your communication and engagement in generating payments from your customers. The system sends personalized mobile communications (SMS or Email) from you as the sender, exclusively with your organization’s branding. Remitter is powered by Artificial Intelligence to discern how your customers want to be communicated with, what type of messaging triggers them to respond positively, and the optimal time of outreach that will elicit early-stage first-party payments or later-stage third-party recovery.

Intelligent Optimization image
Intelligent Optimization image

Where we came from

The company originated in Australia in 2017. After two successful years, the technology was launched in the United States as Remitter USA, Inc. More recently, Remitter has begun operations in Canada and is expanding rapidly though the Americas. The organization has plans to continue expanding globally.

Our Values

Our Partners

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